You are using the wrong keyboard – 7 smart keyboard shortcuts to save time


Anyone who uses Windows knows that Ctrl + Alt + Delete or on a Mac, Command + Option + Esc. Programs are often unresponsive when you are at the center of something important.

If this happens often, take action. Click or click to show the steps to take if your computer fails or stops responding.

Two other popular keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + C to paste and Ctrl + V to copy to Windows. On a Mac it’s Command + C and Command + V. Click or tap to get a complete list of more similar.

Let’s go beyond the basics with lesser-known shortcuts that you want to know about earlier.

1. Switch between open windows

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about your computer. Let’s say you have an email client, a browser with multiple tabs, a chat program and running Excel.

You can go to your computer’s dock to switch between programs, or you can quickly navigate them with a few keystrokes.

  • To switch between open windows on the PC, tap Ctrl + Alt + Tab.
  • To switch between open windows on a Mac, click Command + Tab.

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2. Quickly lock the computer

You should turn off or lock your computer every time you leave it unattended. Do this without going to your computer’s menu.

  • To lock the screen on your PC, tap Windows + L.
  • To lock the screen on a Mac, tap Ctrl + Command + Q.

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3. Take a picture of the screen

From time to time you may only save part of a website, photo or anything else that appears on your screen. It’s so easy to do if you know the keyboard shortcut to make magic happen.

  • To take a screenshot on your PC, tap Windows + Shift + S.
  • To take a screenshot on a Mac, tap Shift + Command + 4.

The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard. Open a tool like Word, Paint or Preview and select Paste. You can then edit the screenshot and save it in the selected location.

4. Zoom in

Whether your vision is no longer what it used to be or you want to examine something on the screen in more detail, zoom will help.

I will show you two options. If you have a mouse with a wheel connected to a computer, click Ctrl + mouse scroll. Scroll the wheel up to zoom in and down to zoom out.

To use the keyboard only:

  • Windows: Click Windows key + plus sign (+) increase; Windows key + minus sign (-) to reduce the scale
  • Mac: Click Option + Command + equal sign (=) increase; Parameter + command + minus sign (-) to reduce the scale.

5. Insert text without its original formatting

Here’s a keyboard shortcut I use all the time: instead of just Ctrl + V inserting text, add a Shift key. This will paste the text you copied and remove all formatting. If you insert text into a document, it will match everything else. Super convenient.

  • Windows: Click Ctrl + Shift + C.
  • Mac: Click Option + Command + Shift + C.

6. Quickly check your download history

Want to see what you downloaded from your web browser? Maybe you need a file you got a few days ago, or you failed to save something in a more mature home.

  • On a Windows PC, click Ctrl + J.
  • On a Mac, click Command + Option + L.

Fast PSA: Be careful what you download. One wrong click can infect your computer. Touch or click here for five mistakes to avoid when downloading items from the web.

7. Create a virtual desktop

Whether you use many programs at once or use your computer for different tasks, virtual desktops can help you keep track of everything.

You can work on your computer by keeping the virtual desktop open, for example, for gaming. Or you can open windows and programs for one task, such as video editing, on one desktop and use another desktop to edit photos.

  • To create a virtual desktop on your PC, click Windows + Ctrl + D.
  • To create a virtual desktop on a Mac, click Control + up arrow.

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You are using the wrong keyboard – 7 smart keyboard shortcuts to save time

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