You urgently need a car, but you only have $ 1,000 – what are you buying?


Like us, you probably spend too much time dreaming of buying a carplaying with different fantastic budgets and changing ads to find the best car you can get for that money.

Maybe this budget is $ 5,000, $ 10,000 ορ even $ 100,000, each of these price points opens the door to some wildly different cars, but always allows you to choose what is fast, whether fun to drive, or luxurious.

But what if it was only $ 1,000? Yes, a meager grand. Imagine that you fell to planet Earth as a character who was not born again at Grand Theft Auto. Except that instead of just picking up the first supercar that shows up and then committing a robbery to make money, you need to buy a reliable daily driver with a $ 1,000 wad that you mysteriously find in your pocket.

You don’t have a line of credit, so the grant can’t be an initial payment, and you don’t have the tools or money to pay for repairs, so it should be a fully functioning, legitimate purchase that you could drive to declare tomorrow if you need to, rather than something vaguely cool that “only” need a complete overhaul. For simplicity, we will ignore any fees associated with the dealer or registration, but assume that you can easily change even the most difficult negotiator with $ 1,200.

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Honda Civic in TN: everything works fine, just need a new engine

At first glance, this sounds like a bad scenario to dream of because it deprives almost everyone of the opportunity to buy what most of us would choose to manage given the option of something better. But it’s actually a lot of fun because it makes you think of cars you wouldn’t normally spend time admiring if you thought about them at all. Before you learn about it, you’ll seriously discuss the value of garbage as a broken but relatively small mileage, the 1998 Buick Skylark Custom compared to the 2002 Mercury Sable, as if you were rushing whether to buy Ferrari Testarossa over Lamborghini Countach.

A look at America Autotrader The website offers less than 150 cars nationwide that fit into our conditional budget of $ 1,000. However at this price people are more likely to sell through Facebook Marketplace and other platforms, perhaps even with a simple card on the board of their grocery store.

But even after losing half a day to watch FacebookLists within 300 miles of various major U.S. cities, I found it challenging. I often clicked on what looked respectable, such as the 172,000-mile Honda Civic in Powell, Tennessee, with peeling varnish on the hood and read that “everything works as it should … except that you need a new engine ».

Pretty simple looking Chrysler Town & Country in Modesto, California

At first I wondered if, to paraphrase Miata’s famous maxim, there would be an answer it’s always Camry. But I had a hard time finding many that I would have spent my last thousand on, and instead ended up on a Nissan Altima near Los Angeles with a dent in the driver’s door and 140,000 miles on the watch. But in the end I pretended to suffocate with an honest look Chrysler Town & Country. It looked like a big car for money, and I thought I could seemingly sleep on it to save on imaginary rent, and I saved up for something better.

How would you spend your $ 1,000 imagination? Leave a comment and let us know (and we promise we’ll put on a sexier challenge next time).

You urgently need a car, but you only have $ 1,000 – what are you buying?

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