Yowers, someone turned the Acura NSX into a fake Lamborghini Diablo GT


If you’ve ever wanted to have a Lamborghini but couldn’t raise money, then maybe you’ve considered a copy. Historically, car replicas have struggled to replicate the original, but this Lamborghini Diablo GT for sale blurs the line between genuine and counterfeit.

At first glance, the car seems rare Diablo GTof which only 80 were ever built, but under the wild Italian body is the chassis of the Acura NSX.

The transformation is truly incredible, and from the side we can hardly distinguish the cue from the real deal. It seems the body has the right proportions and even has branded scissors.

The replica still has the original V6 engine from NSX, despite a fake Lamborghini intake manifold that covers it when the hood opens. You might think it’s a V12-based copy, but pressing the gas pedal doesn’t confirm that claim. The real Diablo GT has a 6.0-liter V12 which produces 575 horsepower, while the 3.0-liter V6 from the NSX pushed out only 270 horsepower.

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Unfortunately, the illusion is shattered when you walk inside, where the original dashboard and center console clearly do not match the real Lamborghini Diablo, let alone wild GT.

The car is marked for selling on eBay with a Buy Now price of $ 175,000. While this may seem like big money for a copy, even the original NSX is now approaching the $ 200,000 mark, not to mention Italian supercars V12.

The seller advertises this car as an exceptional saving opportunity, given that parts for the NSX are much cheaper than for the real Diablo.

“While other Lamborghini owners are depleting their bank accounts to pay for repairs, you’ll laugh all the way to the bank if you get parts at your local auto parts store or online for a fraction of the price,” the seller writes. .

Car replicas have come a long way since the early days of Beetle-based ugly cars; even the plague of Fiero / Ferrari copies lingered for several years before people began to realize that no one had been deceived. However, with the help of modern technology we see that a copy of the revival car which often makes us do it twice.

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Yowers, someone turned the Acura NSX into a fake Lamborghini Diablo GT

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