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Fans and players of NC State are jubilant as they celebrate a remarkable journey culminating in winning the ACC Championship and securing a spot in the NCAA Tournament


The North Carolina State Wolfpack has clinched a spot in the NCAA Tournament with a stunning victory over fourth-ranked UNC-Chapel Hill. Led by standout performances from DJ Horne and DJ Burns Jr., the Wolfpack secured their triumph in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Tournament final, prevailing over the Tar Heels with a score of 84-76.

Horne scored an impressive 29 points, while Burns contributed 20 points, including his first-ever 3-pointer in college. This victory marks a significant milestone for the Wolfpack, as they become only the second team to win any conference tournament as a double-digit seed and the first to win the ACC Tournament with five consecutive victories in as many days.

N.C. State coach Kevin Keatts expressed his elation, describing the feat of winning five games in five nights as nothing short of miraculous. The team’s success is underscored by their resilience and determination, especially considering the challenges they faced throughout the tournament.

Despite encountering foul trouble, Horne delivered an outstanding performance, matching the prowess of UNC’s RJ Davis, the ACC Player of the Year. The crowd erupted in cheers for Horne and Burns, celebrating their remarkable contributions to the team’s victory.

For Burns, the honor of being named tournament MVP was met with disbelief, as he reflected on the team’s journey to success. Keatts emphasized the importance of the win, securing an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament for N.C. State.

The victory holds historical significance for the Wolfpack, marking their first ACC Tournament win since 1987. Their triumph over the top-seeded Tar Heels, who had previously defeated them twice in the season, further adds to the narrative of their remarkable achievement.

With their ticket to the NCAA Tournament punched, N.C. State joins other top teams in the competition, including UNC, Duke, and Clemson, representing the ACC. Despite their defeat, UNC remains a formidable opponent, likely securing a top seed for March Madness.

As both teams prepare for the NCAA Tournament, they are set to embark on a new chapter in their basketball journey. For N.C. State, the focus now shifts to replicating their success in the upcoming tournament, aiming to surpass their previous performance.

In conclusion, the North Carolina State Wolfpack’s victory in the ACC Tournament signifies a triumph of perseverance and determination. Their journey to the NCAA Tournament serves as a testament to their resilience and unwavering spirit, embodying the essence of collegiate basketball excellence.